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Top 10 Logistics Events (Asia)

Top 10 logistics events

Top 10 Logistics Events (Asia)

The logistics and transportation industry plays a vital role in the global economy, facilitating the movement of goods and people from one place to another efficiently and effectively. It encompasses various sectors such as freight transportation, warehousing, distribution, and passenger transportation. With globalization and the rise of e-commerce, the demand for logistics and transportation services has surged, leading to increased competition and innovation within the industry. Companies are constantly seeking ways to optimize their supply chains, improve delivery times, and reduce costs. 

Here is a list of some exciting and upcoming events to keep ourselves updated to the latest trends and advancements in the Industry.

TRANSPORTNEXT Awards, Conference and Expo.

Date:10-11th October,2024

Location: Singapore 

Website: www.transportnextcon.com

1 of Top 10 Logistics Events

The event will witness coming together of Transportation and Logistics professionals, innovators and stakeholders. It will be an  opportunity to gain valuable insights from the industry leaders and get to know the latest trends, technologies and challenges influencing the future of the transportation industry. Delve into an exhaustive expo of latest technologies in Transportation sector.

In addition their esteemed awards programme will acknowledge and honour outstanding achievements in diverse categories of the industry.


Location: The Lalit, Mumbai

Date: 11th May 2024

Website: www.ilssindia.com

2 of Top 10 Logistics Events

The ILSS brings together leaders from 3 PL freight forwarding, warehousing, industrial spaces and uses of these services to facilitate exchange of ideas , understanding and evaluating strategies to create a sustainable, reliable, resilient and responsive logistics ecosystem.

This event will help align the future trajectory of transportation and warehousing through the participation of dedicated leaders, peers and cutting edge technology providers.

9th LOGMAT , Chennai 2024

Website: www.logmat.in

Date: 31st May 2024- 2nd June 2024

Location: The Chennai Trade Centre 

3 of Top 10 Logistics Events

This Event is a leading event in Logistics, Transportation, Storage, Supply chain, E-commerce, Warehousing and Automation. Professionals come together to showcase cutting edge innovations and explore latest trends and technologies.

This exhibition gives networking opportunities for individuals engaged in various aspects of the industry

InterModal Asia 2024

Date: 22 – 24 May, 2024

Location: SWEECC, Shanghai, China

website: www.intermodal-asia.com

4 of Top 10 Logistics Events

This is a premier event where we will see the global Transportation industry coming together and exploring the upcoming trends and opportunities in the intermodal and container shipping industry.

The 2 days event promises a chance for direct interaction with the prominent decision makers, influencers and policy experts and a peep into innovative solutions.

International Conference on Sea Transportation and Logistics (ICSTL-24)

Date: 7th May- 8th May 2024

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Website: www.scienceleagues.com

5 of Top 10 Logistics Events

The conference will offer an extensive forum for sharing recent innovations in Sea transportation and logistics. It will offer opportunities for oral sessions and commercial exhibitors. ICSTL-24 aims to offer valuable insights and enjoyable experiences through programs designed to encourage reflection on the past achievements, foster networking within industry and unveil upcoming trends and researches.

INNOMETRO, New Delhi 2024

Website: www.innometro.com

Date: 21st May- 22nd May 2024

Location: Hotel Vevanta, Dwarka, New Delhi

6 of Top 10 Logistics Events

INNOMETRO is a platform showcasing innovation and technology in the Railways and Allied industries aiming to unite experts and professionals from the industry to witness the latest advancements. The two day event serves as a platform and a comprehensive destination where leading brands exhibit their products, experts, share insights and delegates can experience latest trends and technologies first hand.


Website:  www.logisym.org

Date: 15th May- 16th May 2024  

Location: Singapore Expo. Singapore 

7 of Top 10 Logistics Events

LogiSYM ASIA PACIFIC 2024 will give us a chance to delve into the future Logistics, exploring solutions and engaging dynamic discussions to shape the next era of global trade and commerce. This will be an immersive experience with networking opportunities and actionable takeaways from the world logistics

CeMAT Asia Event 2024

Website: www.event.expopromoter.com

Date: 29th May- 31st May 2024

Location: China Import and Export Fair Complexion, Guangzhou

8 of Top 10 Logistics Events

This is a popular event which gathers professional visitors and exhibitors for trade and networking int he logistics industry. Large scale manufacturing Enterprises can use the event for their advantage the most as this will showcase various packaging and logistics services, conveyors, lifting equipments, IOT, new energy and much more

Cold chain and Logistics Summit

Website: www.ficci.in

Date: 29th May 2024

Location: The LaLit, New Delhi

9 of Top 10 Logistics Events

Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry ( FICCI) is organising Cold chain and Logistics Summit : Navigating the future of Cold chain Logistics scheduled for 29th May 2024 at New Delhi, India.

The Summit aims to promote Cooperation and innovation in the development of an integrated, sustainable and efficient Cold chain ecosystem for the perishable goods Industry in India. Discussions will focus on enhancing sustainable infrastructure, energy efficiency, upholding the integrity and safety of temperature sensitive goods in supply and minimised waste.

IWE 2024, Pune

Website: www.iwexpo.in

Date: 2nd- 4th May 2024

Location: Autocluster Exhibition Centre, Pune

10 of Top 10 Logistics Events

This event boasts to be the only wide-ranging trade show and conference in India which focuses on creating seamless Supply chain, Intelligent warehouses and establishing world class Logistics Ecosystem. Scheduled to take place from 2nd May – 4th May 2024, this event will give and insight into warehouse infrastructure, material handling equipment, Automation and Robotics, intralogistics Innovations, Storage and  Racking Solutions displayed by leading brands in the industry.


The listed events endeavor  to promote Cooperation and innovation in the development of the Transportation and Logistics Ecosystem. Participants will have the opportunity to gain insights into the latest trends and advancements while also engaging in networking opportunities with key stakeholders. The events will function as dynamic platforms for discussing best practices and strategies to comprehend technologies and trends that are shaping the future of logistics and Transport Industry.

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