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Our event is curated for those who prefer quality over quantity. At the TransportNext Conference, we focus on building connections that actually matter. Here, you won’t get lost in a crowd of people that are not entirely relevant to your field. Our attendees are key industry leaders ready to challenge the status quo. Join us and meet 1000+ like-minded innovators, founders, CEOs, investors, corporations and policy shapers on a mission to accelerate the Logistics and supply chain revolution.

Who Attends


Venture capitalists, private equity firms, and institutional investors providing financial support for innovative logistics and supply chain technologies, transportation startups, and infrastructure projects.

Policy and Regulation

Policymakers, regulatory bodies, and advocacy groups shaping the future of the transportation and logistics industry through legislation, regulations, and incentives.


Developing and implementing smart logistics solutions, IoT-enabled tracking systems, autonomous delivery vehicles, AI-driven logistics management. Third-party and fourth-party logistics providers

E-commerce and Last-Mile Delivery

Manufacturers, technology companies in e-commerce logistics, including returns management and cross-border shipping. last-mile delivery solutions, urban distribution centres. Advancements in last-mile delivery services, drones, autonomous vehicles.

Supply Chain Management

Developers of software and technologies for supply chain management, inventory management, demand forecasting, and supply chain optimization.

Freight Transport

Companies specializing in freight transportation via road, rail, air, and sea, including logistics providers, freight forwarders, and carriers.

Warehousing and Fulfillment

Businesses involved in warehousing solutions, fulfillment centers, automation, and robotics for efficient storage and distribution.

Cold Chain Logistics:

Firms specializing in temperature-controlled logistics, including refrigerated transport, cold storage facilities, and supply chain solutions for perishable goods.

Sustainable Logistics

Companies promoting green logistics, eco-friendly transportation options, and sustainable supply chain practices to reduce environmental impact.

Technology Providers

Firms specializing in logistics and supply chain software, data management, cybersecurity, and IoT solutions.

Service Providers

Companies offering consulting, project management, maintenance, and installation services for logistics and supply chain projects


Journalists, bloggers, and media companies covering developments and trends in the transportation, logistics, and supply chain industry.


Early-stage companies and entrepreneurs pioneering innovative solutions in transportation, logistics, and supply chain management.

Law Firms

Legal experts specializing in transportation and logistics policies, regulations, and compliance to support project development and industry growth
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Our Attendees