Hari Nair

CEO and Co-founder, Zuno Carbon

Hari Nair is the CEO and Co-founder of Zuno Carbon, a Singapore-based sustainability tech startup that helps companies navigate the messy ESG landscape through technology. Coming from a sustainability consulting background, he saw the amount of manual work and confusion when it comes to consolidating important sustainability data. This led him to establish Zuno Carbon in 2020 with two other Co-founders.


He has managed to raise pre-seed and seed rounds for Zuno Carbon, and grew the company from a team of 5 to 27 since the first funding. In his capacity as the CEO, he drives innovative developments within the Zuno Carbon platform, prepares the team for scale-up without sacrificing quality, and comes up with business decisions to disrupt the growing sustainability landscape,


His role and contribution to the sustainability tech scene has led to him being featured in theForbes 30 under 30 list.


Company’s bio:
Zuno Carbon is an award-winning sustainability tech startup that provides an end-to-end ESG solution that enables businesses to measure their carbon emissions, report on their ESG performance, and act on their decarbonization insights.