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Dennis Stein

VP Logistics and Information Management

Dennis Stein is head of department “Division Development, Logistics and Information
Management” at the ground handling services of Fraport AG as well as Head of IT and Business
Development of Fraport Ground Service GmbH a 100% subsidiary of Fraport AG, Frankfurt
He is a certified process facilitator for corporate changes, change and IT manager and
representative for quality and management systems Ground handling services from Fraport
AG. As a proven expert, Dennis deals with the introduction of process-critical Procedures,
recruitment (foreign/domestic), certifications and IT solutions in the environment ground
Dennis Stein has been involved in projects and organizational changes in the last 15 years
Framework of process, innovation and change management within Fraport AG responsible
and accompanied in an advisory capacity.
He gives lectures, runs workshops and seminars. His employees, participants and Executives
can therefore benefit from a comprehensive package of solution-oriented Specialist
knowledge, combined with many years of practical experience and its distinctive personal
method competence. Dennis draws on a large portfolio of training methods for knowledge
transfer back to focus on the individual cognitive and action-oriented learning types set.