Dhiraj Gour

Dhiraj Gour

Senior Manager ,Warehouse & Logistics Asia Pacific

Am a versatile and result driven Singaporean professional, with a successful track record in optimizing supply chain, logistics, and trade compliance. My strength lies in devising and executing plans that consider the speed, excellence, and an in-depth comprehension of stakeholder and customer requirements. I am dedicated to fostering a transparent culture that encourages the uninhibited sharing of information and the development of robust teams geared towards elevating businesses and driving organizational growth.

Encompassing diverse global landscapes within logistics and supply chain, I apply Gemba strategies to simplify and provide sustainable solution of intricate customer requirements. Given my rich experience in the Asia Pacfic region, I adeptly manage complex scenarios, leveraging on meticulous planning, analytical insights, and strategic implementation to achieve desired outcomes. My prime focus involves driving continuous quantifiable improvements, leading and accomplishing projects within the given time and budget.

I am characterized by my dependability, integrity and unwavering commitment to upholding the organization’s compliant framework. I give importance to cultivate trust, respect and inclusivity amongst teams, fostering an enivornment of collective learning, training and providing clear roadmap for team development

Throughout my professional journey, I have gained invaluable experience, cherishing key achievements that have fueled my sense of fulfillment and satisfaction:

🌟 At an automotive organization, I spearheaded a logitics network feasibility study in a complex Asia Pacific geography, culminating in the successful establishment and operational ramp-up of distribution center in Singapore, following qualitative and quantitative data analysis for management approval.

🌟 As a Senior Manager, my focus on quality, cost and timely delivery to end customers led to substantial cost savings, averaging US$ 2 million annually over 5 years coupled with remarkable 95% enhancement in service delivery through various supply chain and logistics optimization.

Am now eager and prepared to embark on the next opportunity, I am poised to contribute my extensive knowledge and expertise towards furthering organizational growth.